• Fiesole: made in Tuscany
    Fiesole: made in Tuscany
  • The best way to know Florence and his countryside
    The best way to know Florence and his countryside
  • Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky
    Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky

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Choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

A sense of freedom

The first edition of the B-KING Mountain Bike Race (Mountain Bike Tour Toscana) took place on 18th October 2015 in Fiesole. FiesoleBike embraced with enthusiasm the suggestion of the Veloce Club Firenze to organize an MTB race in Fiesole, and helped identifying the basic racing track thanks to its deep knowledge of the territory.

b-kingThis was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all participants and two-wheel lovers to discover this little mountain bike heaven: a maze of trails and country roads winding through an unrivalled landscape, just a few pedal strokes away from Florence!
Though remaining almost exclusively in the territory of Fiesole, we managed to create a racing track of 48 km and a vertical drop of 1800 meters!

We would like to thank the organizers for making this possible, and we wish them every success with the race over the coming years!

Why an Environmental and Local excursionist guide?

In Tuscany, the Environmental Excursionist Guide is the only professional guide who is acknowledged by the region’s authorities and is therefore entitled to accompany visitors on bike excursions. So with us you can be sure to comply with the Italian regulations and avoid unpleasant inconveniences which may occur during your holiday.

An environmental excursionist guide must attend a 600 hours training course and pass a final exam. He/she holds an insurance against civil liability (Public Liability) and is committed to ensuring your safety.

We believe that guides should always have a deep knowledge of the place where they operate, of every road, trail and difficulty that could be encountered in any season of the year. In this way it will be easier to arrange a tour according to your individual needs.

We operate in a specific geographic area because that’s the place we’ve known and loved for ages, where we can give our best without improvisation. A unique territory that fits any kind of excursion and level.

We also believe that every travel is a pursue of emotions, an encounter, and there’s no better way to achieve this than sharing your journey with someone who genuinely cherishes the places you are going to visit, in order to make your experience a truly memorable one.

In offering you our selection of stops during tours, we remain faithful to the idea that travelling means getting to know people, so if you’d like to combine your bike tour with a tasting, a good lunch or a farm visit, we will offer you a list of people, not just places: at Paolo’s, Daniele’s, Antonio’s and Lucia’s you will feel like at home; you’ll learn from Flavio and Mauro how they breed their cows and sheep, and how they produce their excellent olive oil and wine, making the places you are visiting even more extraordinary.

Standard itinerary including tasting, lunch or farm:
Fiesole and Florence 1/2 day
Fiesole and Florence 1 day


Our travel philosophy

The bond we have with a place and its people is not a matter of words, it can’t be created in a studio, and it can’t be witnessed with a beautiful picture. It’s something that grows with time, experience, observation, hand-shaking, chatting. Season after season, year after year, generation after generation…
When we travel, we hope to catch something in the places we visit, and to be left with a trace, an encounter.
Our aim is to give you at least a glimpse of our land, with the hope that someday you or your children will come back, and we or our children will be there to welcome you. Because our homeland is our greatest wealth, it protects our roots and our own identity.



The city of Florence, the heart of this territory, lies along the course of river Arno, in the middle of a basin surrounded by beautiful hills, among which stands the Fiesole hill, representing one of the most characteristic and peculiar landscapes of Tuscany and one of the most renowned in the world.

Visiting this territory means travelling through time and space, and the bike (shortening and sweetening lengths) is the ideal means of transport to rejoin Fiesole and the adjacent countryside with the splendid streets and squares of Florence.

The hills of Fiesole, Settignano, Montemorello. Il Mugello.

The northern border of Florence is marked by Settignano, the half-moon shaped hills of Fiesole, Montececeri and Montemorello, which surround the city, separating it from the countryside. The sudden transition to countryside couldn’t be more unexpected, with Fiesole marking the crucial point of separation. In its proximity the land descends for 700 mt in just a few kilometers.
Thanks to a wide selection of off-road trails and singletracks, hikers and bikers are able to move in every season on itineraries of every kind and difficulty.

In the heart of Tuscany, a few steps away from Florence, travelling becomes an exciting and funny adventure in search for ancient memories and unforgettable scents and colors, through remote valleys and ancient roads.

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Fiesole and surroundings by bike Report on the Official tourism site of Tuscany.