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Choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

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Fiesole and Florence: on a MTB in the heart of Tuscany
Discover the beauty that surrounds you!

With a Professional Bike Guide in Fiesole and in the countryside near Florence it is still possible to ride with a mountain bike on remote and silent paths, unpaved roads, singletracks immersed in the green, remote country roads suitable for any kind of trail. It will be easy to reach this multicolored, garden-like territory, sometimes dotted with farmhouses, villas and rural houses, olive tree groves and vineyards, sometimes rugged and secluded. A constantly moving frontier and horizon, which allows the biker (more or less trained) to choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

Some examples of bike tours

Bike levels:
1456939815_Bike  Basic-occasional Rider
1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike  Average-weekend Rider
1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike  Expert-active Rider

  • Sunset excursion from Fiesole to Florence1456939815_Bike
    An intense but easy path in that time of the day when the colors of nature turn magic, transforming the countryside around Fiesole and Florence into an unparalleled landscape.
  • From Fiesole to Florence ½ day1456939815_Bike
    green color of olive tree groves and cypresses … along the river Arno, arrived in the old town of Florence we will capture the atmosphere of squares …
  • Cross country ½ day in the heart of Tuscany: the hills of Fiesole1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike
    In the middle of original and unique landscapes dotted with parishes, farm houses, secret spots, amazing views and a forever-changing horizon.
  • Summer tour1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike
    An adventure that starts or ends at the rhythm of the sun.
  • Mountain Bike Adventure1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike
    A tour for… King
  • From Gods Mountain to the city of men1456939815_Bike
    Take it easy! 17 miles only flat and downhill roads, from the Monastery of Montesenario to Florence. A unique emotion and an unforgettable synthesis of Tuscany’s treasures.
  • The hills of Chianti Rufina1456939815_Bike1456939815_Bike
    …among chestnut forests, hop hornbeams, turkey oaks and the wild hills which make up the Local Protected National Reserve… the heart of “Chianti Rufina”, a winemaking area well known since the Renaissance.
  • Custom tour
    What kind of cyclist are you?
    Plan with us your exclusive bike experience in Tuscany, in the area of Fiesole and the hills around Florence. Help us make your tour a one of a kind event.