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Levels of difficulty

Please be aware that all our itineraries are not meant for beginners but require at least the status of “Occasional biker“.
Our itineraries for “Occasional bikers” have been created:

  • reducing difficulties as much as possible (uphills are minimal, only paved roads or unpaved roads in excellent conditions are chosen)
  • using exclusively cycle paths or pedestrian/ bicycle areas in large cities
  • using only low traffic roads outside of cities
  • planning excursions outside of peak hours traffic

However all participants, especially the youngest ones, are strictly required to conduct a safe bike driving and keep a perfect balance on their bike. This applies on any itinerary, including those for “Occasional bikers”. Also, they must be able to:

  • ride on public roads
  • ride on secondary paved roads which are not always in perfect conditions
  • ride on downhill roads that can be steep at times

Although our groups are small, you may find yourself riding with other people. Failure to observe the above mentioned precautions may cause harm to yourself and other participants. In this regard we remind you that you may also opt for a private, tailor-made itinerary, with an exclusive guide at your disposal!


bike path suitable for all cyclists. Short itinerary, takes palce only on paved roads, with minimal elevation gain uphill.
– Lenght: max km 15 (max mile 10)
– Elevation gain uphill: max m. 50 (max ft 160)

Basic-occasional rider:

trekking bike path suitable for all cyclists in terms of length and decline. It usually takes place on paved roads or easily passable unpaved roads, with no hazardous sections.
– Lenght: km 15-30 (mile 10-20)
– Elevation gain uphill: 50-150 (ft 160-490)

Average-weekend rider:

cross country path which requires an average level of training in terms of length and decline. It usually takes place on unpaved roads and easy trails, and requires familiarity with the driving of the bicycle, as there might be some dangerous sections.
– Lenght: km 20-40 (mile 12-22)
– Elevation gain uphill: m. 150-600 (ft 650-2000)

Expert-active rider:

cross country-all mountain path, which length and decline make it suitable only for well-trained bikers. It usually and mostly takes place on very steep roads, strenuous trails and extreme accessibility conditions. It requires a perfect command of the vehicle; there might be dangerous sections.
– Lenght: km 30-60 (mile 20-37)
– Elevation gain uphill: m. 600-1500 (ft 2300-4900)

For each level of difficulty, Lenght and Elevation gain uphill, are approximate measurements.