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Bicycles can be rented with or without guide. Our bicycles are MTB with 24-speed, aluminum frame, ...

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Choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

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The bond we have with a place and its people is not a matter of words, it can’t be created in a studio, and it can’t be witnessed with a beautiful picture. It’s something that grows with time, experience, observation, hand-shaking, chatting. Season after season, year after year, generation after generation…
When we travel, we hope to catch something in the places we visit, and to be left with a trace, an encounter.
Our aim is to give you at least a glimpse of our land, with the hope that someday you or your children will come back, and we or our children will be there to welcome you. Because our homeland is our greatest wealth, it protects our roots and our own identity.