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Why an Environmental and Local excursionist guide?

In Tuscany, the Environmental Excursionist Guide is the only professional guide who is acknowledged by the region’s authorities and is therefore entitled to accompany visitors on bike excursions. So with us you can be sure to comply with the Italian regulations and avoid unpleasant inconveniences which may occur during your holiday.

An environmental excursionist guide must attend a 600 hours training course and pass a final exam. He/she holds an insurance against civil liability (Public Liability) and is committed to ensuring your safety.

We believe that guides should always have a deep knowledge of the place where they operate, of every road, trail and difficulty that could be encountered in any season of the year. In this way it will be easier to arrange a tour according to your individual needs.

We operate in a specific geographic area because that’s the place we’ve known and loved for ages, where we can give our best without improvisation. A unique territory that fits any kind of excursion and level.

We also believe that every travel is a pursue of emotions, an encounter, and there’s no better way to achieve this than sharing your journey with someone who genuinely cherishes the places you are going to visit, in order to make your experience a truly memorable one.