• Fiesole: made in Tuscany
    Fiesole: made in Tuscany
  • The best way to know Florence and his countryside
    The best way to know Florence and his countryside
  • Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky
    Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky

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A sense of freedom

Sono molto felice di annunciare che FiesoleBike ha ricevuto anche per 2014 il riconoscimento ufficiale di “Do the Right Mix” la campagna della Commissione Europea per la Mobilità Urbana Sostenibile.

Dopo i Mondiali di ciclismo in Toscana, dove Fiesole ha avuto un ruolo di primo piano, uno sguardo al futuro, “oltre la salita”, oltre lo sport.

FiesoleBike, attività di Noleggio bici e di Guida ambientale escursionista  strettamente legata al proprio territorio, spera così di contribuire concretamente a promuovere la mobilità sostenibile, in particolare abbinando la bici al bus pubblico, ed incoraggiare le persone, turisti e non, a diversificare le modalità di trasporto negli spostamenti fra Fiesole e Firenze alla scoperta di un territorio unico!

Quest’anno anche ATAF collabora alla promozione del servizio ed uno sconto del 10% è offerto proprio a chi utilizza il bus pubblico per raggiungere Fiesole.

La campagna è gestita dalla Direzione generale della Mobilità e dei Trasporti e finanziata attraverso il programma Intelligent Energy Europe – programma di sostegno dell’UE per le azioni non tecnologiche nel settore dell’efficienza energetica e delle fonti rinnovabili. Il suo obbiettivo principale è promuovere i vantaggi che si hanno combinando differenti mezzi di trasporto, al fine di migliorare la salute, le finanze e l’impatto ambientale.

La campagna rientra nei progetti legati alla Settimana Europea della Mobilità Sostenibile, che si svolgerà dal 16 al 22 settembre, giornata accompagnata dallo slogan “Our streets, our choice”.

I’m really happy to announce that FiesoleBike also in 2014 has been chosen as an official action of “Do the Right Mix – the European Commission’s  Sustainable Urban Mobility.

After the World Cycling Championships in Tuscany, where the town of Fiesole have had a leading role, a look to the future, “over the climb”, “over the sport.

FiesoleBike, Bike rental and Environmental guide service, closely linked to the territory, hopes to contribute concretely to promote sustainable mobility, in particular “mixing bike and bus service”, and to encourage people, tourists and locals, to diversify the modes of transport between Fiesole and Florence, to discover a unique territory!

This year, also ATAF takes part to the promotion of service, and a discount of 10% is offered to those who take public bus to reach Fiesole.

The campaign is managed by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport and funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme – the EU’s support programme for non-technological actions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It’s central objective is to promote the advantages of combining different modes of transport in order to improve health, finances and environmental impact.

The campaign is part to projects related to the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, which will take place in September, from 16th to 22th, days accompanied by the slogan “Our streets, our choice“.




D – Fiesole: the heart of Tuscany
Circular way!

..the road soon becomes unpaved again, amid the pure and silent countryside just on the outskirts of Florence…while you pass over another stream, then a farm house, with the road winding through hills and olive trees…

Visualizza Fiesole: nature just behind the door in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori
START Fiesole                                                                 STOP Fiesole

Head north for approximately 3km following the road toward Olmo, until you reach the locality of Baccano. Turn right toward Compiobbi. Keep following this direction until the village of Montebeni, and take the road on your left to Ontignano. With the sight of Florence behind you, the landscape starts changing, with few buildings leaving place to woods and olive groves until you get to the romanic parrish of S.Maria a Ontignano, with a bunch of houses on one side.
Proceed for a few meters and you’ll see a gate: turn right, and after a couple of narrow bends the road goes down passing over a bridge which anticipates the presence of a stream, the Sambre. Here a little waterfall and the clear waters of a pond invite you for a short break.
Change the gear ratio of your bike: from now on some short but steep uphill legs alternate with longer flat stretches. The road becomes unpaved, and you’ll be surrounded by woods. The city is not far away; still it seems forgotten in this place. Biking between cypresses, white dry walls and the ruins of a dilapidated farm house (Noce Superiore) you will have to face the last ascent, after which you can take a breath and begin the easier way down on the other side, immersed in a wonderful countryside (ignore the trails on your left).
The shadow accompanies you while you pass over another stream, then a farm house, with the road winding through hills and olive trees toward Fattoria Paiatici. Leave it behind passing under an arch and once back on paved path proceed along the narrow road, then turn left by the third bend, following the directions to a graveyard.
Once you have reached the church downstream and the small village of San Donato a Torri, in proximity of a tabernacle, take the road on the left toward Via Valle, carry on for about 3 km in the open countryside, then through a shadowy wood, along Borro delle Falle all the way to the village of Citerno.

By the crossroad take the road on the left, which becomes steeper when passing through a cypress wood. It will be worth the effort however, since a wide and luminous plateau welcomes you after passing a farm house on the left. Depending on the season, the rows of cypresses and olive trees alternate with the red of poppies or the yellow fields of wheat.
The road soon becomes unpaved again, amid the pure and silent countryside just on the outskirts of Florence. Proceed along a rural building and after a couple of kilometers, in proximity of a fork with a gate and a holly hedge, turn left on a short but steep uphill path. On the right you can see the hillock of Monteloro (it is well worth reaching it!). Surrounded by inviting vineyards, after a few kilometers on untarred road you will cross a paved one. Turn left to reach the San Clemente valley: a unique, harmonious example of Florentine countryside, lost among rural houses, ancient farms and Renaissance villas, tower houses, vineyards and cypresses. Here a young Dante Alighieri spent his summer days with Beatrice Portinari, and here the German writer Hermann Hesse fell in love with Italy. After a few meters turn right on the unpaved road Casale San Vincenzo, again surrounded by vines. The road leads to the splendid Villa il Poggiolo all the way to the main street. Turn on the left on a uphill road. On the left side the church of Pagnolle shortly comes in sight, while on the opposite side, after a string of stone arches, the Renaissance Villa Le Fonti stands out half hidden by the olive trees.
By the following crossroad go straight on the road uphill, in opposed direction to Fiesole. Proceed for 5 km on this secluded path away from traffic, and you reach again the main road which shortly takes you back to Fiesole.


  • Duration: 5 h.
  • Distance: 26,5 km
  • Total vertical climb: ca. 650 m
  • Level of difficulty: Expert-map
  • Surface: Paved, Unpaved
  • Kind of bike: Mountain bike







Planning your cycling holidays.
Sport and nature in Fiesole and Florence.
Discover by bike the beauty surrounding you!

Feel free to submit any trail, it will be easy for usa to plan it, study every detail and make it suitable for your specific needs and level of experience. Whether you are a Sunday cycler or a skilled one, bring your own mountain bike or plan to rent one, go for a full cycling holiday, a weekend or just a few hours, prefer singletracks or easy trails, are passionate of cross-country but also love stopping by to visit a farmhouse before reaching the streets of Florence, we have what you need.

Also, we might consider stopping along the way to taste a good glass of wine, eat in a nice restaurant or visit one of the many beautiful villas spread on our hills.

In order to prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you, send us your request through the appropriate form on this website. It will be easy to plan your bike holiday in Fiesole, Florence and the surrounding territory.
Contact us >


14 mi and only 295 ft of Elevation gain uphill
One way itinerary. When in Florence participants are released from the bikes
“Best Bike Ride in Tuscany” (Lonely Planet, Florence and Tuscany, 2014)

After walking around Fiesole, with a superb view point to Florence, by bike a marvellous and easy itinerary  from Fiesole and his countryside down to Florence center. Ideal for those who wish to terminate the day away from the bustle of the city, in a clean and healthy environment, where the elevation mitigates the summer heat.
Through a unique rural landscape, an intense path in that time of the day when the colors of nature turn magic, transforming the countryside around Fiesole and Florence into an unparalleled landscape.



Every day 5.00 pm (timetable subject to alteration)

Meeting Point

Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesole, bus terminal ATAF number 7

Arrival Point

Florence, Piazza S.Marco

Level of difficulty

Basic-occasional rider


3.30 h (including visit to Fiesole and transfer to the start point)


21 km (14 mi)

Elevation gain uphill

60 m (295 ft)


€ 53 each, 1 to 8 participants

How to join >


Go private >

Plan with us your own personal tour

* Price refers to standard itinerary and includes: MTB rental, Enviromental-excursionist guide service, helmet, safety accessories, ¾ liter mineral water.

One way itinerary. After the tour, all participants will return to their respective places by INDEPENDENT MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION. Ask for information on bus routes. It’s easy and cheaper!

One way itinerary. When in Florence participants are released from the bikes
On request organic oil and organic wine tasting at Fiesole-Fattoria di Poggiopiano

Approaching Florence from Fiesole and its hills dotted with secular villas is a truly unique experience, and a very affordable one, since most of the itinerary develops on flat or downhill roads.
First we’ll visit walking Fiesole, and after discovering the bind with the surrounding territory we will finally come into town, using secondary roads away from the bustle of the city.
The first leg will be characterized by the green color of olive tree groves and cypresses, with several testimonies of the thousand-year-old history of this area.
Then by the cycling lane along the river Arno, arrived in the old town of Florence we will capture the atmosphere of squares, ancient streets and trails displaying along the path, in a continuous alternation of remote tracks and modern looks.
In the middle of the itinerary (on request) stop at the beautiful Fattoria di Poggiopiano, immersed in the typical Florentine countryside, for a professionally guided tour of the vineyards and olive groves, wine and oil tasting of Tuscany, and refreshment with typical and original local products.



Every day 11.00 am and 5.00 pm (subject to alteration)

Meeting Point

Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesole, bus terminal ATAF number 7

Arrival Point

Florence, Piazza S.Marco or Piazza Libertà

Level of difficulty

Basic-occasional rider


3.30 h – 4 h with tasting (including visit to Fiesole and transfer to the start point)


28 km (18 mi)

Elevation gain uphill

90 m (295 ft)


€ 53 each 1 to 8 participants without tasting
€ 78 each including tasting 2 to 8 participants

How to join >


Go private >

Plan with us your own personal tour

* Price refers to standard itinerary and includes: MTB rental, Enviromental-excursionist guide service, helmet, safety accessories, ¾ liter mineral water.

Stop-catering including: professionally guided tour of farm, tasting of three wine farm (Chianti D.O.C.G. 2013, Red Wine I.G.T. “Com’era”White Wine I.G.T. “ERTA AL MANDORLO”) and two kind of extra virgin Olive Oil , bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil, bruschetta with tomato and extra virgin olive oil, bread and salame, mousse beans with extra virgin olive oil, water.

One way itinerary. After the tour, all participants will return to their respective places by INDEPENDENT MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION. Ask for information on bus routes. It’s easy and cheaper!

Fiesole, Piazza Mino: 20 minutes from Florence center by bus number 7!

To reach Fiesole and FiesoleBike rental point/bike tour start point in Piazza Mino with public transportation it’s easy, cheap, ecologically-friendly, for certain itineraries it is even mandatory and therefore all itineraries are scheduled according to public transport timetables.
This is a solution to keep prices low and to remain consistent with the idea of sustainable travel. If we have the chance to avoid pollution, why not taking it?

Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity for travel enthusiasts to get in contact with the everyday life of the country they are visiting.

To/From  Fiesole, Piazza Mino: ATAF bus number 7

Standard bike used for our “Guided tours
(Feel free to contact me should you wish to request a specific typology of MTB or e-bike):


… and to rent for the “Self-guided tours“:

bike to rent

Bus for the climb…

Where we are (only on appointment): Fiesole (295 m high), Piazza Mino, next the bus stop

…bike for the down

Where you can delivery the bike in Florence: Ciclo City, Via G. Orsini 4/a, 5 min. by bus to the city center! www.ciclocity.net


Bike rental/returning in Fiesole

By appointment only
Rent your bike

Bike returning hours in Florence

From Monday to Friday:
9.00 am – 1.00 am
3.30 pm – 7.30 pm
9.00 am – 1.00 am
4.00 pm – 7.00 pm (August closed)

Rental fares

From 1st to 3rd day: € 20 per day
From 4th to 7th day: € 10 per day
Delivery Bike in Florence: € 5

Rental fare includes

lock, inner tubes, repair tool kit, pump, helmet, bicycle bag triangle and our map for cycling in Fiesole and Florence.
On request: front and rear lights, reflective belts.

  Rental conditions and regulations
Rent your bike

Cancellation Policy: refund will be made only for cancellations made within 72 hours of the time of pick up.
Thank you!

Rental bike price of each of the guided itineraries planned, described and already advertised on this website is indicated in the relative information sheet.


My name is Giovanni Crescioli, I was born in Fiesole in 1975, where my family has been living for generations. I am an Excursionist guide, the only legally-acknowledged profession in Tuscany, which is entitled to accompany clients on sightseeing and/or bike and hiking excursions.

My lands’ memory has become today a source of wealth and luxury, and I follow these tracks since they represent my roots. I use my legs and my imagination and knowledge to get in contact with the men who, generation after generation, helped shaping these wonderful places, lived here and left their signs and dreams.  I feel privileged and blessed in reaping the benefits of the humble people who worked and struggled here.

To me, travelling today only makes sense if the journey is accompanied by a genuine attempt to confront with places, people and times: observing, listening, searching for crossings, interpreting dreams. And walking undiscovered paths instead of the usual ones.

This is why I do not like spectacularization of things, men, nature and past, or the celebration and exhibition of images and trophies as though they were postcards from ANOTHER world.

I  aim at becoming a “craftsman of the territory”, being conscious of the luck and wealth of the time we are living in, and my wish is to turn this ambitious project into something real and into a concrete opportunity to discover, enhance and protect our territory’s magnificence.


Florence, the hills of Fiesole and Mugello are the places where I was born and bred. I grew up learning something new about these astonishing places day by day. I’m deeply in love with this territory and all the people whom with their efforts, their passions and their stories shaped it into a unique place in the world. This feeling is the reason why I decided to start exploring and to share these beautiful places. The joy of living in such a wonderful context that combines history, traditions, nature and beauty can’t be considered complete without sharing it.
For those who come from afar, I desire to unveil the most authentic aspect of these corners of heaven and let the travelers experience it through the eyes of a person who lives here every single day. For those who already know these gorgeous places I would like to change their perspective and make them gaze at the marvels they are surrounded by.

I’m an  Excursionist guide of the Tuscany region, I got a qualification provided for by the Regional Law n. 42 of 2000, after attending a 600 hours professional course and passing the final exam. I have also attended a specialization course about leading tours in mountain bike. The law prescribes that the hiking guide must possess a Public Liability Insurance. In addition, it requires the proficiency in survival and first aid skills.

Bike life-style
“To keep your balance you must keep moving”

Riding a bike surely requires a remarkable muscular effort and the ability to adapt, especially if you are one who loves comfort and physical rest. Still it is an unparalleled tool to express the sense of freedom, the desire and possibility to discover and enjoy wonderful places. And also, it represents a true challenge with oneself, or more intensely, it gives you the opportunity to be who you are.

In our little group of bikers (max 8 people), riding faster means you will have more time to reflect, observe and enjoy slowness, while the ones at the bottom will set the pace.

My wish is to guide you through this enchanting land and help you getting in contact with it, to feel its power, its originality, its warmth and magic. But above all this, I wish you will never forget it.

General information

  1. Read carefully the program, especially the characteristics of each excursion and the level of difficulty.
  2. If you travel with kids view this page: Special family and kids
  3. At time of making a reservation please indicate your technical and athletic training level, referring to a scale Legend/Levels of difficulty based on length, elevation change, condition of trail and the required technical-physical capacities. Although these are not competition itineraries, all participants must be able to conduct a safe bike driving and keep a perfect balance on their bike.
  4. It is very important to choose your own clothing, and make sure you have checked the climate conditions before joining the tour. We recommend wearing cycling shorts. Wearing sandals or flip flops is forbidden.
  5. Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (parent/tutor)
  6. All participants must fill out the registration form and sign the relative Release of Liability Declaration
  7. It is possible to book the tour within 3.00 pm of the day preceding by e-mail using the following address: info@fiesolebike.it, by filling the FORM or by calling +39 345.3350926
  8. Booking: Once you have received our email confirming availability you can booking the tour, by PayPal (info@FiesoleBike.it) or by credit card, € 20 per person (the deposit is the price of rental bike, including in the price of tour).
  9. Cancellation Policy: refund will be made only for cancellations made within 48 hours of the tour departure.
  10. Rain Policy. The bike tour will never be cancelled due to rain. Guest options on rainy days: 1) Proceed with the tour hoping for clearing weather – with the understanding that no refund or discount will be given if bikes are not ridden due to rain, or if the bike tour is abbreviated due to rain. We will do our best to get you on a bike, weather permitting. 2) Rain check to be used the following day or at any other time, subject to availability.  The Rain check is a voucher given to client. The voucher is transferable and may be sold or given to others to use at a future date and lasts up to 1 year from date. It has a value that can be possible used in any other guided tour provided by our company.
  11. Reasons for cancelling the tour. A minimum of 2 participants (excluding the tour leader) is required for each tour.

Program changes. The Organizer reserves the right to modify, with or without notice, before or during the tour, the logistic organization and the type of trail, due to weather conditions, athletic condition of the participants and other problems of whatsoever nature.

To reach FiesoleBike