• Fiesole: made in Tuscany
    Fiesole: made in Tuscany
  • The best way to know Florence and his countryside
    The best way to know Florence and his countryside
  • Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky
    Fiesole is nature: sports center under the open sky

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Choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

A sense of freedom

The first edition of the B-KING Mountain Bike Race (Mountain Bike Tour Toscana) took place on 18th October 2015 in Fiesole. FiesoleBike embraced with enthusiasm the suggestion of the Veloce Club Firenze to organize an MTB race in Fiesole, and helped identifying the basic racing track thanks to its deep knowledge of the territory.

b-kingThis was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all participants and two-wheel lovers to discover this little mountain bike heaven: a maze of trails and country roads winding through an unrivalled landscape, just a few pedal strokes away from Florence!
Though remaining almost exclusively in the territory of Fiesole, we managed to create a racing track of 48 km and a vertical drop of 1800 meters!

We would like to thank the organizers for making this possible, and we wish them every success with the race over the coming years!

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Plan with us your exclusive bike experience in Tuscany, in the area of Fiesole and the hills around Florence. Help us make your tour a one of a kind event.

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In offering you our selection of stops during tours, we remain faithful to the idea that travelling means getting to know people, so if you’d like to combine your bike tour with a tasting, a good lunch or a farm visit, we will offer you a list of people, not just places: at Paolo’s, Daniele’s, Antonio’s and Lucia’s you will feel like at home; you’ll learn from Flavio and Mauro how they breed their cows and sheep, and how they produce their excellent olive oil and wine, making the places you are visiting even more extraordinary.

Standard itinerary including tasting, lunch or farm:
Fiesole and Florence 1/2 day
Fiesole and Florence 1 day


Our travel philosophy

The bond we have with a place and its people is not a matter of words, it can’t be created in a studio, and it can’t be witnessed with a beautiful picture. It’s something that grows with time, experience, observation, hand-shaking, chatting. Season after season, year after year, generation after generation…
When we travel, we hope to catch something in the places we visit, and to be left with a trace, an encounter.
Our aim is to give you at least a glimpse of our land, with the hope that someday you or your children will come back, and we or our children will be there to welcome you. Because our homeland is our greatest wealth, it protects our roots and our own identity.




Fiesole mountain bikeOur experience and solid knowledge of the territory allow us to organize bike tours of any length and technical level. If sport is your passion, and feeding your body and mind with exercise is a necessity for you; if you feel the time has come for you to change and prove yourself what you are capable of, to know your limits and exceed them, or simply to improve your performances, FiesoleBike can design for you the perfect tailor-made tour, customizing your 2-wheel excursion. You can do sport with us, surrounded by the beauty of an amazing landscape, and with each effort and pedal stroke you’ll feel new emotions arising.

Plan with us your own personal tour!
Florence mountain bike adventure

Each excursion is a mix of physical exercise and fun, adventure, real life experience and a chance to discover a unique territory, immersed in nature only a stone’s throw from Florence! You will need plenty of energy, enthusiasm, strength and courage. Each uphill road is a new challenge, every kilometer a surprise, and you’ll be completely mesmerized by the beauty surrounding you.

FiesoleBike is a team of Environmental excursionist guides, with extensive physical and technical training and deep knowledge of the territory. You can rely on us to plan and arrange your outdoor experience. As we live these places day after day, we know every route and are aware of the hazards that visitors could encounter in each season. Hence we are able to offer a unique experience with each tour, that can be planned and arranged to suit your skills and needs.
We operate in a specific geographic area because that’s the place we’ve known and loved for ages, where we can give our best without improvisation. A unique territory that fits any kind of excursion and level.

About Fiesole

Sono molto felice di annunciare che FiesoleBike ha ricevuto anche per 2014 il riconoscimento ufficiale di “Do the Right Mix” la campagna della Commissione Europea per la Mobilità Urbana Sostenibile.

Dopo i Mondiali di ciclismo in Toscana, dove Fiesole ha avuto un ruolo di primo piano, uno sguardo al futuro, “oltre la salita”, oltre lo sport.

FiesoleBike, attività di Noleggio bici e di Guida ambientale escursionista  strettamente legata al proprio territorio, spera così di contribuire concretamente a promuovere la mobilità sostenibile, in particolare abbinando la bici al bus pubblico, ed incoraggiare le persone, turisti e non, a diversificare le modalità di trasporto negli spostamenti fra Fiesole e Firenze alla scoperta di un territorio unico!

Quest’anno anche ATAF collabora alla promozione del servizio ed uno sconto del 10% è offerto proprio a chi utilizza il bus pubblico per raggiungere Fiesole.

La campagna è gestita dalla Direzione generale della Mobilità e dei Trasporti e finanziata attraverso il programma Intelligent Energy Europe – programma di sostegno dell’UE per le azioni non tecnologiche nel settore dell’efficienza energetica e delle fonti rinnovabili. Il suo obbiettivo principale è promuovere i vantaggi che si hanno combinando differenti mezzi di trasporto, al fine di migliorare la salute, le finanze e l’impatto ambientale.

La campagna rientra nei progetti legati alla Settimana Europea della Mobilità Sostenibile, che si svolgerà dal 16 al 22 settembre, giornata accompagnata dallo slogan “Our streets, our choice”.

I’m really happy to announce that FiesoleBike also in 2014 has been chosen as an official action of “Do the Right Mix – the European Commission’s  Sustainable Urban Mobility.

After the World Cycling Championships in Tuscany, where the town of Fiesole have had a leading role, a look to the future, “over the climb”, “over the sport.

FiesoleBike, Bike rental and Environmental guide service, closely linked to the territory, hopes to contribute concretely to promote sustainable mobility, in particular “mixing bike and bus service”, and to encourage people, tourists and locals, to diversify the modes of transport between Fiesole and Florence, to discover a unique territory!

This year, also ATAF takes part to the promotion of service, and a discount of 10% is offered to those who take public bus to reach Fiesole.

The campaign is managed by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport and funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme – the EU’s support programme for non-technological actions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It’s central objective is to promote the advantages of combining different modes of transport in order to improve health, finances and environmental impact.

The campaign is part to projects related to the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, which will take place in September, from 16th to 22th, days accompanied by the slogan “Our streets, our choice“.




Visualizza Una mappa: un tesoro in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

AFiesole-Florence following the footsteps of the 2013 World Cycling Champioship (One way!)

…the street winds through splendid villas…just a few minutes away from the amazing sight of the Dome and Baptistery of Florence…

BFiesole-Florence: the greenway (One way!)

…immersed in a hilly landscape of cypresses and endless expanses of olive trees…follow the cycle path along the banks of river Arno and you will easily get there…

C – Fiesole: essence of Tuscany  (Circular way!)

…a pattern of farmlands and woods dotted with rural houses and bell towers… down the valley the Florence Dome stands out with its unmistakable shape, announcing the “Flower City” to visitors…

DFiesole: nature just behind the door  (Circular way!)

…the road soon becomes unpaved again, amid the pure and silent countryside just on the outskirts of Florence…while you pass over another stream, then a farm house, with the road winding through hills and olive trees…

A – From Fiesole to Florence
Following the footsteps of the 2013 World Cycling Championship.
One way!

…the street winds through splendid villas…just a few minutes away from the amazing sight of the Dome and Baptistery of Florence…

Visualizza From Fiesole to Florence following the footsteeps of the 2013 World Cycling Championship in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori
START  Fiesole                                                           STOP  Florence


Bus for the climBike for the down!

From the main square Mino da Fiesole following the path of the upcoming UCI world championship 2013, proceed in the direction of Caldine, leaving first the apses of the cathedral on your left, then the archaeological site and the Roman theatre on your right. In proximity of the first bend proceed straight, leaving the main road into Via Duprè (a downhill road with some rough parts!). The view over Fiesole countryside and the Mugnone valley shows itself in all its majesty. After surpassing one of the two hills of Fiesole you will reach the crossroad with Via di Fontelucente. Turn right into the descending road (before that, it is worth crossing Via Vecchia Fiesolana and going up for a few meters to reach the magnificent viewpoint which will delight you with a breathtaking view over Florence and the Chianti hills). Before the Church of Fontelucente turn left into Via delle Palazzine. Proceed on the narrow street until you reach Via Roccettini, in proximity of Badia Fiesolana and the European University. Turn left. From the large square opposite the Badia, on the side across Via Salviati, a steep ascending road marks the final circuit of the World Cycling Championship. Proceed on the uphill road until you reach the main road connecting Fiesole to Florence (in proximity of the village of San Domenico). Turn right in the direction of Florence, again along the circuit of the World championship, which you will leave after a few meters by turning right into Via Boccaccio.

The street winds through splendid villas all the way to the little neighborhood of Le Cure and its homonymous square. Use the underground passage (near the open market) to cross the railway and reach the cycle path of Viale don Giovanni Minzoni until Piazza della Libertà. Cross the junction alleys and keep going on the cycle path along via Cavour. Pass by Piazza San Marco. You are already in the historic centre of Florence and its pedestrian area, and just a few minutes away from the amazing sight of the Dome and Baptistery.


  • One way!
  • Distance: 9 Km
  • Total vertical climb: ca. 30m
  • Level of difficulty: Basic-map
  • Surface: Paved
  • Kind of bike: Race bike, Mountain bike








Green roads at 15 minutes from Florence.

A wonderful itinerary which gives a good snapshot of the richness and beauty of the countryside surrounding Florence, far from the bustle of the city and the pollution.

We will relax amidst nature on a path that goes through country roads, green trails and remote country routes immersed in a unique landscape.
We will reach the town and the hills of Fiesole, with its villas and magnificent panorama overlooking Florence, through olive groves and vineyards, secular cypress trees, neo-gothic castles, farmhouses and ancient villas, in a natural amphitheatre shaped by men’s work.

When: Everyday, times to be agreed upon
Meeting point-departure: (transfer by public bus)
Fiesole, Piazza Mino, bus terminal Ataf n. 7
Arrival: Fiesole, Piazza Mino, bus terminal Ataf n. 7
Total length: 10 km
Duration: 3 hours
Level of difficulty: medium
Fare for professional tour leader:

Transfer by public bus not included in the price.
Packed lunch (not included in the price).

WE RECOMMEND: at least 1 litre of water per person, hiking shoes, long socks to the knee or long trousers. According to the season, a jacket or a hat may be useful to protect yourself from the sunshine.


We will pass by Montececeri, a hill towering over Florence, from which Leonardo da Vinci plausibly launched his “first human flight”.
This is the ancient heart of Tuscany, where lived Michelangelo Buonarroti, which is also recalled in Boccaccio’s novels. The view on Florence and the Arno valley is amazing. These places are also famous for the extraction and processing of the Serena stone, a material used ever since the Renaissance age, which has been massively used for the construction of art works such as the Brunelleschi Dome and the Loggia of the Uffizi Gallery

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