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the Sky above Florence

“There are countries where we have been happy, but there are no happy countries. Neither north nor south. Neither to the right nor to the left. Neither far nor close. […] If happiness were to be found even in the most distant country and the journey to reach it entailed the greatest risks and could only be undertaken at the cost of the worst sacrifices, we would still leave immediately. […] It would be easier in any case to reach it there than in the only place where it really is, the place that is closest to the nearest country and yet it is further away than the most distant country, because this place is not located outside, but inside us" (Thorkild Hansen, Arabia Felix)

Who We Are

FiesoleBike is a team of Environmental Guides authorized by the Tuscany Region, has ALWAYS worked (since 2011) in compliance with regulations and ensuring the safety and health of its guests is an integral part of the profession. For us nature is our everyday life ALWAYS, an open-air gym. With our excursions we try to make sharing well-being and fun, physical activity and desire for freedom, the journey out of town with adventure. We have made the dream of a better world our work and respect for what surrounds us is ALWAYS at the base of every journey or bike trip. For this reason we never sold what we love, but first of all we loved and we love what we sell. ALWAYS.

Where do we go

FiesoleBike offers guided itineraries by e-bike and on foot essentially in a specific geographical area, because this is the place where we live and where we do not improvise: Fiesole and the neighboring areas. A green area of inimitable beauty, the closest to Florence. Due to its environmental characteristics, the morphology of the territory and also thanks to a dense minor road network (over 100 km) and an infinite number of paths, it offers the possibility of making excursions in nature of all types and levels of difficulty. The position of Fiesole is strategic, it marks the border between the Arno Valley and the Apennines north of Florence and is a historical crossroads of important communication routes, of which the Via Flaminia Minore, the current Via degli Dei, is the most recent rediscovery. A harmonious and well-kept landscape, a symbol of Tuscany, dotted with villas and farmhouses with spectacular views over the city but which also leaves room for the wildest nature and enchanting natural paradises, so close yet so far from civilization.

How to reach Fiesole from Florence

Why “come on”

There are many memories of our trips but two of these explain well why we like this job and why we like to be "slowly on the move". Once, with some Florentine guests we cycled, I don't remember exactly how much, but I remember the point, the moment we stopped and one of them said "But where are we?". Florence could not be seen from there, but it was behind the hill a few steps away, behind Montececeri, behind the mountain from which Leonardo da Vinci made man fly! A Florentine was practically lost in Florence. The places we visit are never taken for granted, every excursion is a discovery, for everyone! On another occasion, however, with foreign guests, we stopped in the courtyard of a farmhouse to appreciate the view over our countryside. As often happens, some took pictures, other asked questions, and others remained in silence. An American boy was sitting and watching. Then he turned and speaking to me in Italian he said "This is not fair". I understood what he wanted to express: the luck we have to live now in these wonderful places and that we should appreciate every day. With amazement, admiring the beauty that surrounds us, we can have the courage to GO, forget about us and feel truly free.

What do we do

On foot or by e-bike we organize daily excursions of any duration and any level of difficulty. With our professional E-MTBs, it is no longer a problem to tackle any type of climb, of any slope, for anyone! We are based in Fiesole, from which our excursions normally depart, but we can also move to Florence or to neighboring areas for personalized departures. We don't need to study the routes! We know every corner of our world. We are part of the Biological District of Fiesole, stopping on farms, meeting local people and the products that are still genuinely made in our countryside is part of our pleasure to travel, discover and make known. Some proposals are also present on Airbnb, where we have about 900 authentic reviews and can be booked directly below. Otherwise write or call us, we will be able to give you any information you want. THANKS!!!

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