Bike and Hike Guided Tours in Fiesole and Florence

FiesoleBike is a team of local guides, with extensive physical and technical training and deep knowledge of the territory. We operate only in a specific geographic area, Fiesole, Florence and surrounding, because that’s the place we’ve known and loved for ages, where we can give our best without improvisation. A unique territory that fits any kind of bike, e-bike and hike excursion.

Our Bike Guided Tours in Fiesole and Florence

It is possible to participate in all our tours also with our high quality E-MTB, FANTIC XF3. The electric bikes are recommended for riders who wish to enjoy a scenic ride experiencing great outdoor pleasure. This option makes it possible for those who love to cycle but find it difficult to either master the uphill or the distance.
The city of Florence, the heart of Tuscany, lies along the course of river Arno, in the middle of a basin surrounded by beautiful hills, among which stands the Fiesole Hills (300 m / 1000 ft a.s.l.), representing one of the most characteristic and peculiar landscapes of Tuscany and one of the most renowned in the world. Therefore visiting this territory means travelling through time and space, and the bike (shortening and sweetening lengths) is the ideal means of transport to rejoin Fiesole and the adjacent countryside with the splendid streets and squares of Florence.

The northern border of Florence is marked by Settignano, the half-moon shaped hills of Fiesole and Montececeri, which surround the city, separating it from the countryside. A little further Montesenario, Montemorello and the slopes of Monte Giovi announce the mountains: the Appennino!

What About FiesoleBike

  • We booked the Tuscany Sunset bike tour from Fiesole to Florence for my wife and I. You meet in Fiesole town center, worth going to Roman ruins for an hour of so to take in the history. Giovanni met us and took us first for a short walk to vista and glorious view of the Tuscan countryside around Florence adding his personal and deep knowledge of Fiesole and surrounding towns and villages. You are then whisked on a local bus a few miles up the mountain to where you are kitted out and given your excellent condition bikes. The tour was listed as approx. 4-5 hrs and 14km and for more beginner level and occasional cyclists. You are then taken on a glorious route away from main roads along Olive groves, farms, Castles and Tuscan countryside with stunning views every minute. Giovanni would ensure we had regular stops before hills, inclines, or descents or where there was a great view, always adding his local knowledge to the history and culture of the region. You snake down the mountain off Fiesole and around the edge of Florence, descend past old Castles and ruins, meeting the river about half way and then following the river to the outskirts of Florence and the first bridges. We were able to keep a good pace in the group of five we had allowing us to go a little further than planned and rode up to Piazza Michelangelo for a great sunset view of Florence from the far bank. The trip was 5 hrs all in and we ended up doing approx 28 km. Well worth the money, this tour was the highlight of our anniversary trip and Giovanni and his support, guidance and attention to our needs made it something we will never forget.
    dionysus3467 - July 2018
  • Our family, including an 11 and 13 year old, enjoyed the tour immensely. Giovanni leads the tour at a friendly pace and is very conscientious about safety - you are always well informed if an upcoming section is steep (up or down!), or if there is a tight turn. Many stops, and lots of varied paths/roads/terrain to keep the ride interesting. This is clearly a small, family business and the passion for what they do is evident. The scenery is wonderful as the sun slowly descends over Tuscany. I highly recommend the trip!
    Ian R - July 2018
  • I knew that the trip was going to be good from reading the other reviews, but I had no idea just how AMAZING it would be. This was the highlight of my whole trip in Rome. The tour had everything you could imagine: beautiful scenery, abundant history, tasting of local flavors, and a little bit of exercise to work off those daily Gelatos. Giovanni is an engaging, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth person who I enjoyed getting to know on our three hour journey. Oh how the time flew! Absolutely worth it if you want a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget. Grazie, Giovanni!
    hah4sm - March 2019
  • William - February 2019
    A great experience with a great guide! We were impressed with the beautiful and magical countryside ride from the hills of Fiesole to Florence. Giovanni was a wonderful host and guide. You should not miss this experience! We will remember it fondly for years to come. Thanks Giovanni!!!
    William - February 2019
  • Giovanni's countryside bike ride was an unforgettable experience! Beautiful sunset and views of florence, had tons of opportunities to pause and enjoy! Molto grazie to Giovanni and his helper in training Marco!!
    Maddie - March 2019
  • Our experience with Giovanni was amazing! Two of my girlfriends and I had a great day with Giovanni exploring beautiful Fiesole. He was extremely accommodating to us and provided a lot of information about the history and landscape of Fiesole. The olive oil and bread were delicious and we loved learning about the production of the olive oil. This experience was definitely one of the highlights of our girls trip!
    Kaitlin - March 2019
  • My best experience in Florence! When you visit the city, you have to go for it! We were riding through historic places with outstanding landscapes. Giovanni shared a lot of great stories about the history, origin of these places. We also had a pit stop to taste delicious olive oil and bread. Giovanni was also flexible with the tour so we have increased difficulty level and route (just a little) per my request. When I am back in Florence I will definietly go for this trip once again! You have to try it!!!
    Marek - March 2019
  • We did this trip with my wife and 2 daughters and Giovanni made sure to plan an experience appropriate for all. He adapted the trip primarily for the weather, but insured we had a unique and enjoyable experience. We left with a great understanding of Fiesole's history , people and unique places. The views were incredible and the highlight of the trip was a stop at his friends farm to taste the olive oil they produce. I would highly recommend getting out of Florence for a half day or more and experience the different culture , people and scenery of Fiesole. Giovanni's passion for his town and the experience he is creating for his guests makes this a one of a kind trip.
    Gil - March 2019

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