With a Professional Bike Guide in Fiesole and in the countryside near Florence it is still possible to ride by bike on remote and silent paths, unpaved roads, singletracks immersed in the green, remote country roads suitable for any kind of trail. It will be easy to reach this multicolored, garden-like territory, sometimes dotted with farmhouses, villas and rural houses, olive tree groves and vineyards, sometimes rugged and secluded. A constantly moving frontier and horizon, which allows the biker (more or less trained) to choose from several options, offered both by the city and by nature, or to combine the two of them.

Each excursion is a mix of physical exercise and fun, adventure, real life experience and a chance to discover a unique territory, immersed in nature only a stone’s throw from Florence! You will need plenty of energy, enthusiasm, strength and courage. Every kilometer a surprise, and you’ll be completely mesmerized by the beauty surrounding you.

All the bike tours are structured but not rigid. It’s possible to vary the technical characteristic of each trail according to your specific level and skill.

It is possible to participate in all our tours also with our high quality E-MTB, FANTIC XF3. The electric bikes are recommended for riders who wish to enjoy a scenic ride experiencing great outdoor pleasure. This option makes it possible for those who love to cycle but find it difficult to either master the uphill or the distance.

Sunset Bike Tour near Florence

SUNSET BIKE TOUR from Fiesole down to Florence

An intense but easy mountain bike tour around Fiesole and Florence when the colors of nature turn magic
The Sunset Bike Tour is recommended on Lonely Planet Florence & Tuscany 2018 guidebooks
Stop at a local farm: extra virgin olive oil tasting and a glass of red wine are included

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E-MTB BasicMTB Basic-Occasional RiderPrice from 55€sunset

Florence Countryside Electric Bike Tour
Departure and arrival: Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesole
Physical activity level Light / Moderate / Intense / Extreme
Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert Length:30-35 km (18-21 mi)
Duration: 3,5 hours
Price: starting from € 35 (including E-MTB Fantic XF3, helmet, disposable under-helmet, 0.75l mineral water)
Maximum number of participants: 6
Fiesole: the sky above Florence by E-MTB
Departure and arrival:Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesolee
Physical activity level: Light / Moderate / Very intense / Extreme
Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Expert
Length:20-25 km (12-15 mi)
Duration: 2 hours
Price : starting from € 25 (including E-MTB Fantic XF3, helmet, disposable under-helmet, 0.75l mineral water)
Maximum number of participants: 6