Tuscany e-bike tours

All the e-bike tours are structured but not rigid. It’s possible to vary the technical characteristic of each trail according to your specific level and skill.

You can book e-bike experiences by sending a REQUEST, based on your needs. We'll quickly send you a description, available options, and price.

E-bike tour:

Fiesole: The Beauty beyond Florence by E-Bike
Departure and arrival: Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesole
Physical activity level: Beginner / Basic / Average / Expert
Skill level: Beginner / Basic / Average / Expert
Length: 30-40 km (18-25 mi)
Duration: 4 hours
Price: starting from € 100 (including E-MTB, helmet, disposable under-helmet, 0.75l mineral water, stop at a traditional Tuscan olive oil and wine farm, Fattoria di Montereggi, where you will taste bread and excellent local extra virgin olive oil, red house wine, Fresh fruit or vegetables in season. On request, Prosciutto, Salame and Pecorino cheese, additional cost € 15 per person.)
Maximum number of participants: 4
With our e-bikes, you will discover Fiesole, the sky above Florence, the nature and the Tuscan countryside "so close and yet so far" from the city. I'll show you the places I love, where I've spent my whole life. Max 4 participants, or privately, in the morning, in the afternoon, at sunrise or sunset, sometimes at night, we will ride at least 30km (18mi). You will see where Leonardo da Vinci lived and dreamed about human flight, where Dante fell in love with Beatrice. Breathtaking panoramic views of Florence, the hills and countryside surrounded by fields of olive trees. Depending on the season, we will reach a monastery still inhabited by monks at an altitude of over 800m (2600ft), or Michelangelo's childhood home. We will cross the path of the Via degli dei, the ancient Via Flaminia Minor, the Etruscan road that crossed the Apennines mountains at least 200 years BC. During the trip, we'll get some fragrant bread and fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers, like I usually do with my family. Then we will have a little food break at Giorgio's farm, where we will eat outdoors on the farmyard, tasting his extra virgin olive oil and his good wine: these are always on my kitchen table at home. It won't be a tourist experience, but a little adventure: that's local life away from crowded places.
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