This Bike Tour is an expert-average ride, 12 miles and only 1960 ft of Total vertical climb
Circular way tour !
…a pattern of farmlands and woods dotted with rural houses and bell towers… down the valley the Florence Dome stands out with its unmistakable shape, announcing the “Flower City” to visitors….
Every day by appointment
Meeting point: Fiesole, bus terminal ATAF number 7
Arrival at Fiesole Piazza Mino da Fiesole
Surface: Paved/Unpaved
Level of difficulty: Average-Expert rider
Length: 34km (21 mi)
Total vertical climb: 590 m (1935 ft)
Kind of Bike: Mountain bike

Self Guided Tour



Ride for about 10 km in the direction of Olmo through sweet uphill and downhill roads, along Via dei Bosconi, right in the heart of Fiesole territory. An expanse of hills which reflects the ancient harmonic relationship of men and nature.
From the road you will see soon the hills of Fiesole on the south, watching the city of Florence from above, and Montemorello on the west, which marks the horizon guiding your eyes down the valley toward the river Mugnone.
Here a pattern of farmlands and woods dotted with rural houses and bell towers display different colors according to the season, from green and grey to yellow, orange and brown. Toward north the face of Montesenario with its monastery watches over the valley like an outpost on Mugello and the Apennines.
By the crossroads of Quattro Strade proceed onward in the direction of Bivigliano, where the municipality of Fiesole ends leaving place to that of Vaglia. After a bend on the right a short steep uphill path begins, which leads to an open viewpoint.
Now you can see Poggio Pratone toward east (702 mt, the highest point in the Fiesole territory), and Montereggi. Down the valley the Florence Dome stands out with its unmistakable shape, announcing the “Flower City” (Florence) to visitors.
By the following crossroads turn right in direction of Montesenario, your first destination, and along its mountain face: a watershed with the wider and sweeter hills of Mugello.

Here, a mountain landscape shaped by the wind, wide prairies, pine, chestnut and fir trees take the place of olive trees and cypresses.
Immersed in the silence of the thick fir tree wood of Montesenario, darkness anticipates the peace of the monastery.
The Apennine Mountains come unexpected in sight, distracting bikers from the effort to ascend the top (809 mt). Now go back on the same road (the most experienced of you may take the steep and gravely road Via Matris ) until the crossroads, then turn right in the direction of Bivigliano, which you reach after a long downhill path through thick chestnut trees. After crossing the main square in the village proceed along the tree-filled boulevard and through a pine tree wood until the sight becomes wider and brighter into the road which leads back to Fiesole.

Alternative path

Before the last descent preceding the crossroads Quattro Strade, turn right into Via di Campolungo (after Via di Campilungo), a steep descent of approx. 3 km (initially tarred, then becomes unpaved). Let yourself be wrapped by the charming landscape of olive trees and admire the perfection of the countryside similar to a garden.
Down the valley you will reach Via Faentina and the village of Querciola: turn left and proceed for 500 mt, then turn right into Via delle Molina (after Via nuova delle Molina), up on the left face of the Mugnone valley.
A final effort is demanded to rejoin the main road leading back to Fiesole, but the beauty of the landscape will surely pay off the fatigue.


Departure from Fiesole, Piazza Mino da Fiesole, bus terminal ATAF number 7.
Fiesole is a village just outside of Florence, 6 km (3.7 mi) distance from the city center, and it's very convenient to get to by public bus from downtown.
From Florence center (Largo Alinari map link) to go to Fiesole and reach our meeting point with public transportation it’s easy, cheap, ecologically-friendly, for certain itineraries it is even mandatory and therefore all itineraries are scheduled according to public transport timetables

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