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FIESOLEBIKE - a team of Local Environmental Excursionist Guides

FiesoleBike is a team of local Environmental excursionist guides, with extensive physical and technical training and deep knowledge of the territory.
The Environmental excursionist guide is the only legally-acknowledged profession in Tuscany, which is entitled to accompany clients on sightseeing and/or bike and hiking excursions. He hold by law an insurance against civil liability (Public Liability) and he's committed to ensuring your safety.

We operate only in a specific geographic area (Fiesole, Florence and surrounding) because that’s the place we’ve known and loved for ages, where we can give our best without improvisation.
A unique territory that fits any kind of bike and hike excursion.

We believe that every travel is a pursue of emotions, an encounter, and there’s no better way to achieve this than sharing your journey with someone who genuinely cherishes the places you are going to visit, in order to make your experience a truly memorable one.

With a professional bike & hike guide



You can rely on us to plan and arrange your outdoor experience. As we live these places day after day, we know every route and are aware of the hazards that visitors could encounter in each season.
Hence we are able to offer a unique experience with each tour, that can be planned and arranged to suit your skills and needs.

And if feeding your body and mind with exercise is a necessity for you, if you feel the time has come for you to change and prove yourself what you are capable of, to know your limits and exceed them, or simply to improve your performances, FiesoleBike can design for you the perfect tailor-made tour, customizing your excursion. You can do sport with us, surrounded by the beauty of an amazing landscape, and with each effort you’ll feel new emotions arising.

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