Participation Conditions

Riding a bike, even if with pedal assistance, or doing an excursion on foot certainly requires muscular effort and adaptability, especially if you love comfort and physical rest. However walking and cycling are two gestures with which we express the sense of freedom and which offer us the opportunity to discover and enjoy wonderful places. Furthermore, they can represent a challenge with ourselves or perhaps, more intensely, they can give us the opportunity to be ourselves.
If you participate in one of our excursions, in our small group (max 6 people with bikes, 10 people if on foot), we will never be in a hurry, the slowness will establish the rhythm, the strength we will have to go will give us time to reflect , observe and enjoy the time we will spend together.

General informations
1. In case of bike tour, all participants must be able to conduct safe driving, maintain a perfect balance both uphill and downhill.
2. The level of difficulty is established on the basis of the length of the route, the difference in altitude uphill and the type of surface. In the case of assisted pedaling bike tours, the difference in altitude uphill is no longer a difficulty. This vehicle allows everyone to overcome any difference in altitude when climbing.
3. Before taking the e-bike excursion, you can try the bike and get to know it. Only when you feel comfortable will your adventure begin.
4. You are responsible for the bike, for any damage, drive carefully!
5. Hygienic rules: to participate in the bike tours we will provide a helmet, and a disposable under-helmet. If we supply water it will be in sealed bottles. Your safety is our job, ALWAYS. We will strictly respect every regulation and every protocol to protect your health.
6. It is very important to choose your own clothing, and make sure you have checked the climate conditions before joining the tour. We recommend wearing cycling shorts. Wearing sandals or flip flops is forbidden
7. Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (parent/tutor)
8. Cancellation policy. All tours are refundable if canceled at least 7 days before the start of the experience.
9. Rain Policy: the tour will be canceled only if severe weather conditions make it unsafe for you.
10. FiesoleBike is committed to ensuring compliance with the health protocols in place for the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the services are provided in such a way as to respect social distancing, sanitizing environments, quota access. And any other prescription required by the authorities.
11. All the materials used and supplied to the participants are disinfected / sanitized before and after each activity.
Program changes: The Organizer reserves the right to modify, with or without notice, before or during the tour, the logistic organization and the type of trail, due to weather conditions, athletic condition of the participants and other problems of whatsoever nature.