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ABOUT ME - Professional bike & hike guide in Fiesole

My name is Giovanni Crescioli and I'm a local professional bike & hike guide.
I was born in Fiesole and I live in Fiesole "THE SKY ABOVE FLORENCE" where my family has been living for at least 7 generations. I'm founder of FiesoleBike and Environmental Excursionist guide. In Fiesole, the transition from the city to the countryside couldn’t be more unexpected and I'm able to plan in every season itineraries of every kind and difficulty.

My land’s history has become today a source of wealth and luxury, and I follow these tracks since they represent my roots. I use my legs and my imagination and knowledge to get in contact with the men who, generation after generation, helped shaping these wonderful places, lived here and left their signs and dreams.
As a professional bike & hike guide, I feel privileged and blessed in reaping the benefits of the humble people who worked and struggled here.

With a professional bike & hike guide



To me, travelling today only makes sense if the journey is accompanied by a genuine attempt to confront with places, people and times: observing, listening, searching for crossings, interpreting dreams. And walking undiscovered paths instead of the usual ones.
This is why I do not like spectacularization of things, men, nature and past, or the celebration and exhibition of images and trophies as though they were postcards from ANOTHER world.

Therefore I aim at becoming a “craftsman of the territory”, being conscious of the luck and wealth of the time we are living in, and my wish is to turn this ambitious project into something real and into a concrete opportunity to discover, enhance and protect our territory’s magnificence.
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